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Your Angel Messages For The Week Ahead

This Christmas week, the angels guided me to tarot cards which would help you recognise the opportunity that each day presents.
Each day, see how the guidance fits you personally, because it will, in some way.

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YOUR ANGEL GUIDANCE: Download or take a screen shot

Tarot Horoscope Week 1


If you are using my book Tarot in 5 Minutes to learn Tarot, then turn to each card in the book for more detailed guidance each day.
These are the Tarot cards I drew to create the above messages:

Monday 🍀
(A destiny card – so an important day)

Tuesday 🍀
(Another destiny card)

Wednesday 🍀
(Yet another destiny card- this is turning out to be an important week!)

Queen of Pentacles

7 of Cups

Weekend 🍀
The Hermit (Reversed)
(WOW, yet another destiny card!!!)
Some of you will be visiting loved ones this weekend. The Hermit reversed, can indicate end of being ‘alone’.
But it can also mean, after a little rest, you begin to feel ready to face the dawn of a new year.

If you find a feather, do check out my feather meaning chart, for the meanings of different colours.