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Your Angel Messages For The Week Ahead

Your week ahead angel reading. This week, the angels guided me to tarot cards which would help you recognise the opportunity that each day presents. Sometimes, if we’re not looking closely, we can miss the magic.

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If you are using my book Tarot in 5 Minutes to learn Tarot, then turn to each card in the book for more detailed guidance each day.
These are the Tarot cards I drew to create the above messages:

Monday πŸ€
Knight of Wands
(Movement after delays)

Tuesday πŸ€
7 of Cups
(You may feel overwhelmed)

Wednesday πŸ€
6 of Cups
(Soulmate card, read the page on 6 of cups for more details)

4 of Cups

Queen of Cups

Weekend πŸ€
8 of Cups

If you find a feather, do check out my feather meaning chart, for the meanings of different colours. Also, check out your free tarot reading for more messages.

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