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Rabbit Spiritual Meaning

Spiritual Meaning of Rabbits

Discover the spiritual meaning of rabbits and what it means when a rabbit crosses your path. You will sense that the rabbit has a message for you, which is why you found your way here.

Or has a rabbit acted in an unusual way around you? For example is particularly friendly or was looking for attention. Or it appeared at least 3 times in a short-period of time?

At least one message below is for you (not necessarily all, although in some cases it could be all).

Please note: these messages also apply if you dream of rabbits or find a dead rabbit.

1. Spiritual Meaning of Rabbits: Quick, Act Now!

🐇A wonderful opportunity is coming your way but you must act quickly and with determination or risk losing it. In some cases, the opportunity has already have presented itself, and you are in two minds whether or not to go ahead. Take the rabbit’s guidance. Act quickly. Seize the moment.

2. Spiritual Meaning of Rabbits: Baby

🐇You have been trying for a baby but there have been delays and challenges. Or maybe you are just worried about your fertility or that of a loved one. The rabbit says: All will be well, you (or they) will have a bunny.

3. Spiritual Meaning of Rabbits: Be Vigilant

🐇Be extra vigilant for the next few days, if something or someone doesn’t feel right – trust your intuition.

4. Stop Arguing

🐇If you have been stressed or fighting with a loved one, the rabbit says – stop. Tell those closest to you how much you love them. Hug them and hold them tight. Remind yourself (and them) that love is the only thing of any consequence.

5. Dead Rabbit

🐇If you find or dream of a dead rabbit – then it just increases the urgency of your message. Be prepared to listen or act now.

What Does Seeing a Brown Rabbit Mean?

Occasionally someone will ask me, what does it mean when you see a brown rabbit? The messages are the same above, regardless of the color of the rabbit.

However, that said, there is an extra hidden message associated with the color brown. This meaning is also associated with brown feathers. So read the meaning of finding brown feathers, for further information. One of the feather meanings will also be applicable to you.

What Does it Mean When You See Two Rabbits?

Traditionally seeing two animals, doubles the potency of the message. This is much the same as finding a dead rabbit, or seeing three or more rabbits. It just increases the urgency of your message.

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