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Psychic Training & Development

Use these psychic tests to train and develop your natural intuitive abilities. Start with test one, and progress until the end. Each test is marked by:

1. Level of difficulty, one to five. Five being the most difficult.
2. Psychic ability being trained. Some tests will tease out clairsentience (feelings) or clairgustus (sense of taste). Others will work on your clairvoyance (vision) or clairfragrance (sense of smell).

When you are ready, book a life purpose reading with me to take your development to the next level.

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1. Psychic Test: Clairvoyance

Psychic Training Exercise: 1. Psychic Tests.
This psychic test is designed to improve your clairvoyance, the art of seeing without using your eyes.

2. Psychic Test: Clairvoyance

Psychic Test 2 Facebook
This psychic test training is designed to improve your clairvoyance.