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Psychic Art

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These paintings are beautiful examples of psychic art, created by psychic artist Marina Solbär. Marina has kindly agreed to share her images with us.

Psychic art is when a medium connects with the spirit world and replicates the images they are shown in their visions. It could for example, be an abstract image which is meant to trigger a spiritual journey in the viewer. This is the basis for Marina’s paintings and you can use them to boost your meditation practice.

For this reading, I highly recommend you use the image you are most attracted to for meditation purposes.

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Psychic Art: Painting 1

Psychic Art Painting I KarinaCollins.ie

This abstract painting reflects Heaven and Earth, and the point it feels like the two meet when you reach the top of a mountain.

There is something awe inspiring when you look at the world from a mountain top. It feels so much easier to connect with the Divine when alone in the vastness of Nature.

Perhaps you have been lucky enough to experience this.

However, sometimes it is tempting to think – I must go somewhere special to connect to the Divine. This is not true.

You can choose to be happy now, or choose something else. Because happiness and Heaven are here and now. We have free will to choose our path.

Relax and gaze at this painting.

Let it speak to you, there will be a personal message just for you inside it.

Psychic Art: Painting 2

Psychic Art Watercolor I KarinaCollins.ie

This abstract painting reflects the moment of death, when we are released from our physical body and fly towards the Heavens, planets and stars.

The relief of being ‘free’ is indescribable. This is what your loved ones who have already passed, want you to know. It is a beautiful experience.

In the meantime, however, while you are still here on Earth – there are ways to experience some of that lightness and freedom. One way is to help other people, animals, or the planet. Whether you do this voluntarily, or as a job, every time you make a little difference, you are lightening your burden and flying a little higher.

Relax and gaze at this painting.

Let it speak to you, there will be a personal message just for you inside it.

Psychic Art: Painting 3

Psychic Art Paintings I KarinaCollins.ie

This abstract painting represents your spiritual eye, also known as mind’s eye or eye chakra.

You don’t need your physical eyes to see the spirit world. In fact, it is better if you close your eyes altogether.

As you were attracted to this image, it means your spiritual eye is ready to open up.

Here is what to do:

Gaze on this image for a few minutes, until you are relaxed.

Only when your mind is quiet, close your eyes.

Wait then until a message or an image appears in your mind’s eye. It could be in black and white.

It might just be a word, or an image.

Spiritualist Art

Psychic painting is also called spiritualist art, mediumship art and spirit art. It is believed that the spirit world can have an influence on the artist’s consciousness, directing what they draw or paint. At the turn of the 20th century, it was quite common for mediums to sketch portraits of spirits they claimed were present during a seance.

Other versions of spiritual art include:

Soulmate Art: This is where a psychic claims to connect with your soulmate, and draws a sketch of their physical appearance. How accurate these are, I’m not sure, but the appeal of someone drawing your future husband or wife is understandable. Sometimes these artists can also draw how you used to look in a past life.

Auragraphs: These are slightly abstract visions of a person’s past, present and potential future. Originally known as Symbolic Art, the technique of auragraphs was developed by the British medium Harold Sharp. He claimed to channel the images with the help of his spirit guide Chin Shih.

Training: One of the most popular schools for training as a psychic artist, is the Arthur Findlay College in the UK. Read my article on psychic training for more details.