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Spiritual Meaning of Pigeons

Spiritual Meaning of Pigeons

Discover the spiritual meaning of pigeons and what it means when a pigeon tries to get your attention (for example by eating your food!). You will sense that the bird has a message for you, which is why you found your way here.

Or has a pigeon acted in an unusual way around you? For example is particularly friendly or it appeared at least 3 times in a short-period of time?

At least one message below is for you (not necessarily all, although in some cases it could be). These messages also apply if you dream of pigeons.

There are also specific messages if you find an injured pigeon or a dead pigeon on your path.

1. Spiritual Meaning of Pigeons: Moving Home

If you’ve been thinking of moving closer to ‘home’ the pigeon guides you to make the move. If you are travelling when the pigeon seeks your attention it means ‘home misses you and sends their love’.

2. Spiritual Meaning of Pigeons: Baby

You have been trying for a baby but there have been delays and challenges. Or maybe you are just worried about your fertility or that of a loved one. The pigeon says: Don’t lose hope, your baby will arrive when his/her soul is ready to leave the spirit world.

3. Healing

Issues from your childhood or past have come up recently for healing. The pigeon sends you healing from the spirit world, they are helping you to adjust and be happy as an adult. Seek counselling if necessary to release anger, fear or emotional injuries.

4. Regular Visitors

If pigeons regularly visit you, maybe sit on your windowsill – then obviously they enjoy being around you and your energy. They are attracted to your aura. This usually happens when you go through a gradual spiritual awakening. (Not a sudden awakening, but rather gradual). It is a confirmation that you are right to turn your thoughts towards Heaven, the Universe and Angels. Gradually, gradually they will help you achieve the life you want, and the understanding you desire.

5. Injured Pigeon

When a pigeon flies into your window, or an injured one seeks you out, there is a special message. You are a healer, when you lay your hands on an injured person or bird, you emit a healing light. While you may not be able to save this particular bird, respect it’s message.

6. Dead Pigeon

If you find a dead pigeon – then it just increases the urgency of the previous message (5). Be prepared to listen or act now. Accept you gift, learn and extend your Light to the world. Now is the time, now tomorrow or the day after. Try my free psychic training exercises to kick start your intuition, or learn Tarot with my book Tarot in 5 Minutes.

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