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Orange Feather Meaning

Orange Feather Meaning

What It Means When You Find An Orange Feather

What is the meaning of the orange feather? If the angels bless you with an orange feather, it is a sign that they want you to create something magical.  Here are the 4 specific messages associated with this feather:

Orange Feather Symbolism

Orange Feather Meaning 1: Create

The orange feather is a sign that the angels want you to think less and create more. In other words, be less logical and indulge your imagination. You are on the verge of creating something magical, and this is a sign to throw yourself into your project. You may have spent some time already on your project, or you on the verge of conceiving it.

This may be a – 

  • Business idea
  • Creative pursuit
  • New way of doing or presenting something
  • New way of living or working

Whatever it is you have been imagining – you can build it. Don’t worry about the outcome, don’t worry what other people will think. Within you is the Power of the Creator. He expresses Himself through you. In a way, this is not about you – you are merely the vessel. Oh, but what a wonderful vessel you are! 

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Orange Feather Meaning 2: Archangel Zadkiel

Orange feathers are the calling card of Archangel Zadkiel. He helps us let go of anger and trauma and to forgive. He is helping you find the peace you crave. He will do this by gently caressing your energy, soothing you. He appears as thoughts that tell you to: ‘let go’, ‘anger only punishes you and not them’.

When we are uneasy in our thoughts, it creates disease in our body. And so, Zadkiel is protecting your body while you repair your mind.

When you have found some peace, don’t be surprised if Zadkiel nudges you – with thoughts – to help others reach a peaceful state. It is your life purpose to pass on what you learn from personal experience.

Feather Symbolism

Meaning 3: Shock

This message is only meant for you if you had a big shock recently. The orange feather is a sign that the angels are near, helping to restore your mind and body. Everything will be OK.

Orange Feather Symbolism

Meaning 4: Healing

The orange feather is associated with the sacral energy, which is located around your belly button. If you are suffering from any of the following conditions, you are in the midst of a healing, even if the signs are not yet apparent: kidneys, bladder, urinary tract and reproductive organs. Also: relief of stress, anxiety or panic attacks.

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Orange Feather Meaning
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