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New Moon Reading

New Moon Card Reading

This is a timeless New Moon Card Reading. You can use it whenever there is a new moon.

For this reading, I am using moon oracle cards called Moonology by Yasmin Boland. It is also a chance to review the cards and see how you like them.

As a New Moon marks the start of a lunar cycle, it is associated with a fresh start and inspiring new ideas. This New Moon Reading will help you understand what to begin or focus on in the coming lunar month (29.5 days). The messages you receive will also hopefully inspire and energize you for the months ahead.

So, let’s get started! Choose a card from the picture above, which are you drawn to?

Then SCROLL DOWN for your message.

Your New Moon Reading – Receive Your Message!

Scorpio Spiritual Meaning
Card a:
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New Moon in Scorpio
New Moon in Sagittarius Card Reading
Card b:
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New Moon in Sagittarius
New Moon in Libra Spiritual Card Meaning
Card c:
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New Moon in Libra
New Moon in Leo Meaning
Card d:
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New Moon in Leo
New Moon in Capricorn Spiritual Meaning
Card e:
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New Moon in Capricorn
Aquarius Meaning
Card f:
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New Moon in Aquarius
Blue Moon Meaning
Card g:
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Blue Moon

Why Is The Moon So Powerful?

People have long held the belief that the movement of the moon effects humans, both physically and mentally. After all the moon sucks trillions of gallons of water in and pushes it out again – known as tides. So is it such a big leap to think it will affect us too? Our body is 70 percent water after all! Water is of course also associated with chemical reactions and thus our hormones and mood can literally swing with the tide!

As far back as the 1st century AD, Pliny the Elder wrote a book called Natural History cataloging the moon’s influence over human life – and it’s pretty extensive, 37 volumes in total!

Because the moon waxes and wanes and reappears again like new each month, it has become associated with death and rebirth. For centuries witches (Wiccans) and pagans have harnessed the power of the moon to give an extra boost to spells for good fortune, achievement and healing.

In general ‘moon magic’ is thought to work better for women than men because it is recognized as having a significant effect on women’s menstrual cycles. It seems our body and intuitive abilities respond better to it.

Why Is A New Moon So Powerful? Perfect Time for a New Moon Reading.

On a new moon, your power to create new situations increases – so for this reason it’s a good time to start new projects. Of if you are confused about the future, you can ask for guidance on what fresh start to make. The guidance may come to you in a dream. Or you may find that opportunities make themselves obvious in the coming lunar month. A new moon is also a good time to meditate because ‘fresh information’ in the form of guidance from the Universe may come more easily to you. It is also a lovely night to perform any self-healing rituals – particularly if you just want a general feel-good boost.

Different times of the moon cycle are more appropriate for different tasks. A full moon is one of the most powerful nights of the month to make a wish. For this reason, it is also the perfect time to experiment with any gift you are exploring. If for example you perform an angel card or tarot card reading for yourself on a full moon, you may find you can interpret it better than usual. If you perform a healing on someone (or yourself), it is likely to be more powerful.

Drinking New Moon Infused Water

Drinking new moon infused water is a wonderful way to give an extra boost to any goals or visualizations you are working with. Leave your bottle of water outside overnight when there is a new moon. Before putting the water out – put your intention into the water. So for example, if you are setting a new intention to lose weight, start a business or develop a skill – think about this and make your intention clear as you set your water down. Or if you would simply like guidance, ask for the guidance to make itself known to you. The next morning collect your bottle and store in a dark place, this will help preserve any energy it has gathered from the moon. Every-time you drink from the bottle, repeat your wish or intention.