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Minor Arcana Tarot Card Meanings

Minor Arcana Tarot Card Meanings | KarinaCollins.ie

There are 78 cards in the Tarot deck, divided into 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana. The word ‘Arcana’ means secrets, and where the Major reflects big events in our life, the Minor Arcana reflect the mysteries of every-day life. Minor cards offer guidance on work, relationships, money and health; as well as other regular events in your life. Sometimes called the Lesser Arcana, these 56 cards breakdown into four suits, each composed of 10 numerical cards and 4 royal court cards. The court cards often represent people you meet in life.

The Minor Arcana Suits

Tarot’s four suits are similar to playing cards, numbered Ace to 10, with royal cards. For this reason, people often assume that Tarot cards evolved from playing cards, but there is no evidence to suggest this. It appears they developed along side each other. While Tarot may have begun it’s history as a game too, it has since evolved into a complex spiritual tool.

The Suit of Cups represents your intuition, emotions and creativity. The Cups cards often appear in a reading when you ask about personal development, as well as love and your relationships with other people. Cups represent the astrological element Water. In modern decks, artists and occultists sometimes reinterpret the Cups, and call them Hearts, Chalices, Goblets, Water and Vessels.

The Suit of Wands represents action. The Wands cards are associated with activity and a can-do attitude. Wands often turn up in a reading when you are dealing with a situation which requires you to act. Wands represent the astrological element Fire. In some Tarot decks, Wands are represented as Clubs, Batons, Staves, Fire, Rods, Torches and Sticks.

The Suit of Pentacles represent the practical and material side of life, money, property, work, study and health. Pentacles often turn up in a reading when you ask about buying a house or getting a bonus at work. Pentacles represent the astrological element Earth. In some Tarot decks, Pentacles are represented as Diamonds, Coins, Discs, Spheres, Earth and Crystals.

The Suit of Swords represent mind and thought. Swords often turn up in a reading when you ask about an idea, or when you ask about communication with other people. Swords represent the astrological element Air. In some Tarot decks, Swords can be represented as Spades, Daggers, Arrows, Athames and Knives.

What Does It Mean When Mostly Minor Arcana Tarot Cards Turn up in a Tarot Reading?

The Minor Arcana refer to smaller, day-to-day events in your life, like how will my presentation at work go? or will I hear back from so and so? Unlike the Major Arcana, the Minor cards are not destiny cards. From the point of divination, or fortune telling, you are not beholden to the future they present. When you receive a Tarot reading with mostly Minor cards, it means you are seeing one possible future path, the path you are currently traveling. If you don’t like what you see, then ask the Tarot, is there anything I can do to change the outcome? Then draw another card for an answer. You may be guided to act in a different way. Therein lies the true power of Tarot, and especially the Minor Arcana cards! Use the cards for guidance and to shape the future you want.

List of The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

Here are the 56 Minor Arcana Tarot cards, the description of each card is based on the Rider Waite Tarot deck.

Cups Suit

Cups Tarot card meanings:

Ace of Cups
The beginning of new love or passion.

Ace of Cups Symbols: Coming soon

Two of Cups
Taking a relationship to the next level.

Two of Cups Symbols: Coming soon

Three of Cups
There is cause for celebration now, or soon will be.

Three of Cups Symbols: Coming soon

Four of Cups
You feel bored and are looking for something to excite you.

Four of Cups Symbols: Coming soon

Five of Cups
Feeling disappointed or sad about a particular situation.

Five of Cups Symbols: Coming soon

Six of Cups
Blast from the past! An issue, person or opportunity from the past re-emerges. 

Six of Cups Symbols: Coming soon

Seven of Cups
Feeling confused and uncertain where to focus your attention.

Seven of Cups Symbols: Coming soon

Eight of Cups
Walking away from a situation or way of living.

Eight of Cups Symbols: Coming soon

Nine of Cups
You about to experience a run of good luck, life goes your way.

Nine of Cups Symbols: Coming soon

Ten of Cups
You are about to receive your happy ever after scenario.

Ten of Cups Symbols: Coming soon

Page of Cups
You receive news of a happy nature. This news may be unexpected.

Page of Cups Symbols: Coming soon

Knight of Cups
Your emotional life improves, there is movement now.

Knight of Cups Symbols: Coming soon

Queen of Cups
Your intuition is good at this time and so you can trust your feelings. 

Queen of Cups Symbols: Coming soon

King of Cups
Rise up and server humanity, now is the time to live your purpose.

King of Cups Symbols: Coming soon

Wands Suit

Wands Tarot card meanings:

Ace of Wands
A new beginning or a new venture.

Ace of Wands Symbols: Coming soon

Two of Wands
What you have started begins to deliver results. 

Two of Wands Symbols: Coming soon

Three of Wands
You are experiencing some success and can now expand your horizons further.

Three of Wands Symbols: Coming soon

Four of Wands
There is cause for celebration or a happy gathering of friends and family.

Four of Wands Symbols: Coming soon

Five of Wands
Fight for what you want, don’t be afraid to compete.

Five of Wands Symbols: Coming soon

Six of Wands
Feeling victorious, you achieve what you want.

Six of Wands Symbols: Coming soon

Seven of Wands
Do not give up, and stand your ground if necessary.

Seven of Wands Symbols: Coming soon

Eight of Wands
Life speed up and there is rapid progress now.

Eight of Wands Symbols: Coming soon

Nine of Wands
Don’t give up, keep going because you’re nearly there.

Nine of Wands Symbols: Coming soon

Ten of Wands
Feeling exhausted and overburdened by responsibilities.

Ten of Wands Symbols: Coming soon

Page of Wands
You receive exciting or good news.

Page of Wands Symbols: Coming soon

Knight of Wands
Movement after a period of delays or stagnation.

Knight of Wands Symbols: Coming soon

Queen of Wands
Feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin.

Queen of Wands Symbols: Coming soon

King of Wands
You can achieve what you want now, you’re ready.

King of Wands Symbols: Coming soon

Pentacles Suit

Pentacles Tarot card meanings:

Ace of Pentacles
This is a beginning of prosperity.

Ace of Pentacles Symbols: Coming soon

Two of Pentacles
Managing a busy life, juggling several things at once successfully.

Two of Pentacles Symbols: Coming soon

Three of Pentacles
Reward and recognition for a job well done.

Three of Pentacles Symbols: Coming soon

Four of Pentacles
Taking a longer-term view and building for your future.

Four of Pentacles Symbols: Coming soon

Five of Pentacles
This card represents hardship, struggle and worries.

Five of Pentacles Symbols: Coming soon

Six of Pentacles
This is a time of good fortune, and giving to others.

Six of Pentacles Symbols: Coming soon

Seven of Pentacles
A reminder that hard work pays off, eventually.

Seven of Pentacles Symbols: Coming soon

Eight of Pentacles
Making progress through hard work and dedication.

Eight of Pentacles Symbols: Coming soon

Nine of Pentacles
The good life. You have enough money to do what you want.

Nine of Pentacles Symbols: Coming soon

Ten of Pentacles
Signifies wealth, health and happiness for the entire family.

Ten of Pentacles Symbols: Coming soon

Page of Pentacles
The court card delivers good news of an opportunity, award or financial boost.

Page of Pentacles Symbols: Coming soon

Knight of Pentacles
You are making steady progress in one or more areas of your life.

Knight of Pentacles Symbols: Coming soon

Queen of Pentacles
This is a good time for action, push yourself gently a little more.

Queen of Pentacles Symbols: Coming soon

King of Pentacles
This royal card signifies success and worldly power.

King of Pentacles Symbols: Coming soon

Swords Suit

Swords Tarot card meanings:

Ace of Swords
The birth of a new idea. This card is the proverbial Ace up your sleeve.

Ace of Swords Symbols: Coming soon

Two of Swords
You are undecided about which is the best course of action to take.

Two of Swords Symbols: Coming soon

Three of Swords
Feeling sad or disappointed. Let the tears flow.

Three of Swords Symbols: Coming soon

Four of Swords
Take time-out to rest and recharge your batteries.

Four of Swords Symbols: Coming soon

Five of Swords
Are you feeling angry with someone?

Five of Swords Symbols: Coming soon

Six of Swords
Better days are coming, and you are heading in the right direction.

Six of Swords Symbols: Coming soon

Seven of Swords
Someone is behaving sneakily behind your back.

Seven of Swords Symbols: Coming soon

Eight of Swords
Feeling caged in by negative thoughts or a victim mentality.

Eight of Swords Symbols: Coming soon

Nine of Swords
Feeling anxious, depressed or lonely.

Nine of Swords Symbols: Coming soon

Ten of Swords
Represents a devastating loss and the end of a situation.

Ten of Swords Symbols: Coming Soon

Page of Swords
The arrival of news, which may be unexpected.

Page of Swords Symbols: Coming soon

Knight of Swords
Full steam ahead, events take off at great speed now.

Knight of Swords Symbols: Coming soon

Queen of Swords
Inspire us by your words or actions. Shine your Light.

Queen of Swords Symbols: Coming soon

King of Swords
Assert yourself, tell us what you feel and really think.

King of Swords Symbols: Coming soon