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Healer of Thought. Guardian Angel Reading

Healer of Thought Guardian Angel Tarot
Oracle Deck: Guardian Angel Tarot by Doreen Virtue

You Card: Healer Of Thought

Your Guardian Angel Says:

Your angel says it is time to clean up parts of your life that drag you down. Start with the basics, if your home is untidy, clear it up and donate to charity old clothes, books and anything else that ‘clutters’ your personal space.

This cleansing activity will powerfully change the energy around you and affect your motivation and energy in a positive way. Assess your friendships, are there people who drag you down? Don’t feel guilty about ‘letting go’, the more space you create in your life, the more space you leave for what is coming.

Nothing changes if we keep doing the same thing, or keep thinking in the same way.

Your angel wants you to break your daily routines and habits. This is one of those times where change, for the sake of it, is right for you. It will clear any blocks and stagnant energy.

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