Karina Collins

Guardian Angel Reading

This Guardian Angel Reading will help you connect with your angel, as well as provide you with an important message.

In traditional shaman cultures, guardian angels are called guardian spirits. They are with you since birth and often first make their presence known through dreams. It is good to regularly call on your angel with these readings, because it helps them draw closer. You need to make the effort, you see.

People who don’t take time to talk to angels, are really only depriving themselves of a great source of inner strength and power.

So now – Relax, and allow your finger to be guided.

Healer of Thought Guardian Angel Tarot Cards
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8 of Emotions Guardian Angel Tarot Cards
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Ace of Thoughts Tarot Cards
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Ace of Emotions Guardian Angel Tarot Cards
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6 of Abundance Tarot Cards
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3 Less Well Known Signs That Your Guardian Angel Is Near


  1. Feel a shiver down your spine. Usually the shiver occurs at the moment you have a question for your angel, like ‘am I right to think this?’ or ‘am I right to choose this path?’. The shiver is a YES sign.
  2. Smell flowers, although there are no flowers in the room.
  3. Hear choir music, like a choir of angels singing. You strain to listen but the music is far, far away. This is most likely to happen at night time when the house is quiet.

Common Signs of Angels


  1. Find feathers on your path, or falling out of the sky in front of you. Read more: feathers meaning chart. Traditionally most people find white feathers, although different feather colours deliver different messages.
  2. See flashes of light out of the corner of your eye.
  3. Find animals or insects start appearing or acting unusually around you. Sometimes angels use animals and insects to deliver a symbolic message. They could send a robin or even a bee! Read more about animal spiritual meanings.

I hope you enjoyed this Guardian Angel Reading! If you did, you may also enjoy other free tarot readings on my website. If you would like to talk to angels, I recommend you start by using my psychic tests to improve your spiritual communication abilities.