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Here is a selection of free readings I have created for you, including Moon Readings, Angel Cards, Tarot Cards and Oracle card guidance. You’ll also discover the meaning of feathers and animal spiritual signs.

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New moon spiritual guidance

New Moon Reading – using Moonology cards by Yasmin Boland.

Spiritual Meaning of Animals: KarinaCollins.ie

Animal spiritual meanings – snakes, birds, rabbits, butterflies, flies, pigeons, bees and much more.

Feather Meanings Chart KarinaCollins.ie

Feathers Meaning Chart – Accurate meaning to each feather colour.

Super Attractor Law of Attraction Oracle Cards

Super Attractor Oracle Cards – use the Law of Attraction in this reading to receive some useful guidance.

Yes No Tarot Free Reading

Yes No Tarot Reading – ask the Tarot your question and receive an answer.

Guardian Angel Free Reading

Guardian Angel Reading – receive a gentle and uplifting message from your angel. Free readings offering.

What it means when you find pennies and dimes

Pennies from Heaven Meaning – What it means when you keep finding pennies or dimes. A message from your loved one in spirit. Part of my free readings offering.

Psychic Training & Development, plus free readings.

Psychic Training: Use these few psychic tests to improve your intuition and psychic senses.

Will I Move House? | KarinaCollins.ie

Will I move house? Ask the angels for guidance if you are hoping to move house or apartment.

Other Free Readings

Accurate Oracle Card Free Readings

Oceanic Tarot Cards – receive an insightful message using Tarot cards with an ocean theme by Jayne Wallace.

Oracle of Visions Cards – For this reading I will use a beautiful deck of cards called the Oracle of Visions by Ciro Marchetti.

Soul Journeys Cards – receive a soul message by the medium James van Praagh.

Angel Card Readings

Free Angel Card Reading – To use this free angel card reading, simply reach out for a card.

Archangel Message Today – Receive an Archangel message today. I channelled this message for you by birthday month.

Pick an Angel Number – Approach this reading with an open heart.

Message from Archangel Michael – read this now.

Unusual Readings

Psychic Art – which painting are you attracted to and discover what it says about you.


Luck Affirmations – try this luck booster for seven days.

Positive Affirmations – find out which affirmation is best for you!