Karina Collins


A hand-picked selection of my best free readings, including angel numbers, tarot readings and angel card messages. I update and add to this section regularly. 

1. Meaning of Feathers

What it means when you find a feather. This is a feather meanings colour chart – I include lots of different feather colours in this reading, including white feathers, black, pink, grey, green, striped and yellow feathers. 

2. Psychic Tarot Reading

Receive a psychic tarot reading according to the letter of your first name. This tarot card message is meant for you, whenever you find this page.

3. Yes or No Reading

Do you have a YES NO question that needs answering. If so, try this free Yes No Tarot Reading, designed to provide you with some clear guidance.

4. Guardian Angel Message

Your angel has been with you since birth.  Use this Guardian Angel Reading to connect with your angel and receive a message. 

5. Psychic Development

Use these psychic tests to develop your intuition and psychic eye. Includes practice in clairvoyance and clairsentience.

6. Animal Spiritual Meanings

An index of animal spiritual meanings. Discover what it means when you see or dream of snakes, bees, robins and more. 

7. New Moon Meaning

Perform this New Moon Reading on the next new moon. Receive important guidance.

8. Super Attractor Affirmation Message

This Super Attractor Cards reading using beautiful affirmation cards by Gabrielle Bernstein.

Other Readings

Psychic Readings

Free tarot reading with the Oceanic Tarot Cards.  Or try this Personality Test Who Am I?

Spiritual Messages

If you need a positive affirmation message, try this reading.  Watch this pick a crystal reading by video.  This Buddha In Garden reading, shows you where to place your Buddha statues, plus receive a little message.

Angel Readings 

Try this free angel card reading for a powerful message. If you feel in the mood, try my pick an angel number reading for some instant guidance. Read about the meaning of pennies from heaven, a beautiful story.  Archangel message today, read it now for some guidance by birth month.