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Free Angel Card Reading

Free angel card reading

To use this free angel card reading, simply reach out for a card. Instead of using your mind, let your hand take over. Your hand is in tune with your instincts and will bypass the mind. This is why we pull our hand away from something hot, milliseconds before our mind has had a chance to catch up and register the pain.

All of the tarot and angel readings on my website are designed to give you important messages, but also to help you improve your own intuitive abilities. That way, you can better hear your spirit guides and angels as you go about your everyday life.

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When You Always Get It Wrong, It May Mean Something Too!

When you continually pick the ‘wrong’ card, it may be that you are displaying symptoms of displacement. Displacement is lack of synchronisation in psi or psychic training. For example, a person asked to give the order of a pack of playing cards may be constantly one or two cards ahead or behind in the sequence. Displacement also occurs in precognitive dreams and psychic readings when difficult or challenging information is placed out of context or out of order. Parapsychologists believe that displacement occurs due the absence of time in other dimensions and higher planes, where the psychic goes to gather their information.

If you are curious to know if you have a gift, then consider booking a Life Purpose Reading. You could also buy a deck of ESP cards, to train your psychic eye. And don’t forget to try out my other free readings and Oceanic Tarot Cards reading on the website.

I hope you enjoyed this free angel card reading.

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