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Feathers Meaning Color Chart

Some years ago, I worked with the angels to create this feather meanings colour chart. I am happy to see that my meanings have whizzed around the internet ever since. I say this, because I want you to understand how feathers and their meanings become associated. A black feather hasn’t always meant ‘you are protected’. Someone, somewhere had to agree that meaning with the angels. And then it is that person’s responsibility to spread the word.

Feathers are similar to tarot cards. In my book Tarot in 5 Minutes, I explain how tarot works as a bridge to communicate with the spirit world. Feathers are a similar tool, with the same goal. If people are aware of what each feather colour means – then the angels will know which feather to send when they want to give you a specific message. Both sides understand the code. Do you see?

As time goes on, and the more meanings I receive, I will build on this colour chart. However, feel free to email me if you don’t see your feather here, and I will certainly ask for guidance on the meaning. The more clarity you have, the more clarity we will all have.

Note: Recently the angels asked me to modify a few meanings to reflect world events. For example, red feathers have now become the symbol of protecting planet Earth instead of green feathers. Red has become a better indicator of the approaching climate crisis.

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Feather Meaning Colour Chart

Feather meanings colour chart

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Feather meanings color chart

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Small Brown Feather by Karina

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Feather meanings colour chart, grey feathers

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Small Green Angel Feather

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Small Pink Feather by Karina

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Small purple feather

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Grey Feather Meaning

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Finding Two Feathers - Feather meanings colour chart

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Dimes from Heaven

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Feathers – Quick Reference Chart

Please feel free to download or share this quick reference feather meanings colour chart.
The more people who understand the code, the easier it is for angels to pass on guidance.

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