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Psychic Tests

Enjoy the ultimate guide to psychic training, and discover the answer to questions such as What does it mean to be psychic?, Am I psychic?, and How do I train as a psychic?

Psychic Tests

I have created lots of free psychic tests to train your senses, I suggest you only practice one or two a day, when your energy levels are highest. Each test is graded according to difficulty, and psychic sense. You will train your clairsentience (feelings), clairgustus (sense of taste), clairvoyance (vision) and clairfragrance (sense of smell).

Tarot as Psychic Development

One of the best ways to boost your psychic development is to master a psychic tool. I recommend anyone undergoing psychic training, to begin with Tarot cards. Tarot provides a clear channel of communication with spirit guides, angels and universal source. To start, get my book Tarot in 5 Minutes, and learn the fast way! Then, check out my list of 78 Tarot card meanings, for some in-depth learning.

Psychic Training and Development

Intuition Test 8 | KarinaCollins.ie

Psychic Test 8

Skill Development: Angel clairaudience (hearing angels)Skill Level: 3/5 (5 being… Read More
Intuition Test and Psychic Training Online

Psychic Test 6

Skill Development: ClairvoyanceSkill Level: 4/5 (5 being the most difficult)This… Read More
Intuition Clairvoyance

Psychic Test 5

Skill Development: ClairvoyanceSkill Level: 3.5/5 (5 being the most difficult)This… Read More
Intuition Training Test 3

Psychic Test 3

Skill Development: ClairvoyanceSkill Level: 2/5 (5 being the most difficult)This… Read More