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Here is a selection of free readings I have created for you, including Moon Readings, Angel Cards, Tarot Cards and Oracle card guidance. You’ll also discover the meaning of feathers and animal spiritual signs.

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New moon spiritual guidance

New Moon Reading – using Moonology cards by Yasmin Boland.

Spiritual Meaning of Animals: KarinaCollins.ie

Animal spiritual meanings – snakes, birds, rabbits, butterflies, flies, pigeons, bees and much more.

Feather Meanings Chart KarinaCollins.ie

Feathers Meaning Chart – Accurate meaning to each feather colour.

Super Attractor Law of Attraction Oracle Cards

Super Attractor Oracle Cards – use the Law of Attraction in this reading to receive some useful guidance.

Yes No Tarot Free Reading

Yes No Tarot Reading – ask the Tarot your question and receive an answer.

Guardian Angel Free Reading

Guardian Angel Reading – receive a gentle and uplifting message from your angel. Free readings offering.

What it means when you find pennies and dimes

Pennies from Heaven – What it means when you keep finding pennies or dimes. A message from your loved one in spirit. Part of my free readings offering.

Psychic Training & Development, plus free readings.

Psychic Training: Use these few psychic tests to improve your intuition and psychic senses.

Will I Move House? | KarinaCollins.ie

Will I move house? Ask the angels for guidance if you are hoping to move house or apartment.

Other Free Readings

Accurate Oracle Card Free Readings

Oceanic Tarot Cards – receive an insightful message using Tarot cards with an ocean theme by Jayne Wallace.

Oracle of Visions Cards – For this reading I will use a beautiful deck of cards called the Oracle of Visions by Ciro Marchetti.

Angel Card Readings

Free Angel Card Reading – To use this free angel card reading, simply reach out for a card.

Archangel Message Today – Receive an Archangel message today. I channelled this message for you by birthday month.

Pick an Angel Number – Approach this reading with an open heart.

Unusual Readings

Psychic Art – which painting are you attracted to and discover what it says about you.


Luck Affirmations – try this luck booster for seven days.

Positive Affirmations – find out which affirmation is best for you!

psychic tarot card deck john holland

Psychic Tarot Reading

Message by First Name

This psychic tarot reading is meant for you, whenever you find this page.

Receive a message according to the first letter of your first name (as appears on your birth cert). So mine, for example is K for Karina.

Tarot Cards Used For This Reading: Psychic Tarot by John Holland

A, L, M, S, T, U, Z
Psychic Tarot Message

John Holland Psychic Tarot Boredom. Psychic Tarot Reading.

You received the card of DISCONTENT & BOREDOM

What you dislike more than anything, is time standing still. When you feel you are not making progress. Stagnation. Perhaps you feel that some parts of your life have stagnated? If so, the guidance is this: Do not wait for something to happen. Make it happen. How? By starting something – anything – and don’t second guess yourself. Just be prepared to commit when you start something. Or maybe return to what you have already started but lost interest in.

It may be a slow process initially, but gradually the magic will happen.

Life is like a stone rolling down a hill – it gathers pace as you commit more effort.

Or perhaps you are already doing this? If so, take this message as a confirmation from your Guides that you are on the right path. 

Well done – you are a STAR!

B, E, J, K, R, V
Psychic Tarot Message

John Holland Psychic Tarot Money

You received the Psychic Tarot Card FINANCIAL & MATERIAL CHANGES

It may feel like life is not going to plan.

If this is the case, your Spirit Guides want you to know: you can have all the financial security you need, but first …..

First you must learn the lessons of the past. To ask, how did I contribute to this situation, and what have I learnt? Am I in danger of making the same mistakes? When you acknowledge your lessons and change your behaviour as a result, money will flow to you more easily. The block will be lifted.

C, F, I, N, Q, W
Psychic Tarot Reading

John Holland Tarot Triumph Card.

You received the Psychic Tarot Card TRIUMPH

Good news! If you have have been working towards something – waiting for a situation to spring into life – then it soon will.

You will achieve what you set out to do. You will triumph over obstacles and delays.
If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand. Always remember that.

Life is full of ups and downs, that’s the nature of Life. The headline news though, is that you are about to go through one of the ‘up’ phases!

D, G, H, O, P, X, Y
Psychic Tarot Reading

John Holland Psychic Tarot Cards Wisdom

You received the Psychic Tarot Card WISDOM

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

Either you are about to connect with a spiritual teacher who will guide you on the next steps of your journey. Keep your eyes open, it may come through a book, video, training course or some other way.

However, a minority of you are emerging as the spiritual teacher. At the very least you know now, this is who you are at a soul level. A teacher. You have been guiding people all your life, passing on valuable advice. It was always your way.

Notice the sun rise in this card. This sun reflects a new dawn, a fresh awakening in your life purpose.


Receive a free tarot message, using beautiful Oceanic Tarot cards. Or try the Yes No Tarot reading if you have a specific question for the angels. Or try the feathers meaning chart if you’ve been finding feathers recently.

Oceanic Tarot Card Meanings

Free Tarot Reading: Oceanic Tarot Cards

Receive a tarot message using my beautiful Oceanic Tarot Cards.
These cards are created by the psychic Jayne Wallace. The cards are good quality with pretty glossy images. The ocean theme feels quite refreshing.

Try them for yourself!

Clear your mind and then pick a letter – F, I, S or H.
There is no need to ask a specific question. In fact, it is better if you approach this tarot reading with a clear mind.

Your Oceanic Tarot Card: F


Ace of Pentacles Oceanic Tarot. Free psychic reading online.

You were guided to the ACE OF PENTACLES, and this is the wisdom the sea:

A gift is on the way.

This may be, a new:

– Job
– Home, or loan offer
– Area of study
– Award or recognition for your efforts
– Financial windfall

Whatever occurs now, or soon is a chance of a fresh start. It is important that after the moment of celebration has passed, that you do not return to ‘normal’. That you continue to show gratitude to Higher Powers, and count your blessings. You may feel that you do this, but it’s funny how life can sort of make us lose our way. When we get that ‘one thing’ we want, we soon move on to that next thing we want … and so the cycle continues. It doesn’t mean you can’t continue to want more, but just be sure not to view your life as ‘lacking’.

Everyday is a blessing.

Your Oceanic Tarot Card: I


Chariot Card, Free Online Psychic Reading

You were guided to the CHARIOT, and this is the wisdom the sea:

Finally, there is movement.

You may have been trying to achieve something for a while – and were on the verge of giving up.
Now you receive the forward motion necessary.

Even if there wasn’t something specific you were waiting for, perhaps you just had the sense of expectation – that something is going to happen. That something more exciting is coming. And you are right.

What comes now, will be unique to your circumstances. But let it be a lesson, never to give up hope and keep faith.

Your Oceanic Tarot Card: S


Death Tarot Card, Oceanic Tarot Cards. Free tarot reading.

You were guided to DEATH, and this is the wisdom the sea:

Whether you want it or not, change is coming.

If you are ready, you will smile and say – at last!
If this is you, you can stop reading now. What comes to you next will be transformative, exciting and most likely unexpected.

If you are not ready, you will say – oh, I hope it’s not bad!
Those who worry about change, usually know deep down that a cleanse is overdue. But they have avoided it because it’s not what they want to hear.

All the same, change is coming.
If you want:
A better relationship, then your current relationship will be tested.
A more interesting job, then your current job will be tested.
Better health, then you may be forced to make the changes that are long overdue.
And so on …

I advise you to let go and submit. Something must go – a situation, a person, a habit or mindset – in order to make space for the new.
Higher powers have a plan for you, and they are very clever.

Karina Collins Author

Your Tarot Card: H


The Fool Oceanic Tarot Card. Free tarot reading.

You were guided to the FOOL, and this is the wisdom the sea:

Some of you who picked this card (H), may also have been attracted to (S), as the theme is the same.

However, unlike the previous card – there is nothing to let go here. You are already in the right place and situation to dive into a fresh start. You have done what you needed to do – drew a line under what has gone before. And now it is safe to begin afresh.

At this point there will be something in front of you on offer, tempting you to throw yourself in. And you should. This could be a new situation you are in, or perhaps a hobby, job, relationship or idea that sparks your enthusiasm. Dive in. Don’t worry about where it will lead. When you start doing, everything will be revealed.

Karina Collins Author

Other Free Tarot Readings

Receive a psychic tarot message, this reading just requires the first letter of your name. Super Attractor Cards – review and free reading. Also, Oracle of Visions Cards by Ciro Marchetti.