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Easy guide to the 78 cards in the Tarot deck

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Learn about the major Tarot cards

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Understanding Cups

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Understanding Pentacles

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Spiritual Articles

More spiritual articles added every month.

What Your Back Pain Means
The emotional causes of neck and back pain

Pennies from Heaven
What it means when you keep finding pennies or dimes

Psychic Art
What is psychic art? Plus try a psychic art reading

Psychic Training
How to train as a psychic, plus lots of free psychic tests

What is karma? And what are the rules of karma?

Animal Meanings

A to Z of animal spiritual meanings: What it means when you see or dream of an animal or insect.

What it means when you see a bat

What it means when a butterfly lands on you

Spiritual meaning of black cats

Meaning of crows, blackbirds and ravens

When you see or dream of dragonflies

When a mole digs up your garden

When a moth lands on you

Spiritual message of a pigeon

Including brown rabbits and seeing two or more rabbits

A sign from Heaven?

When you see or dream of snakes

Feather Meanings

What it means when you find a feather | KarinaCollins.ie

Index of feather meanings: Discover the meaning of different colored feathers. 

Oracle Deck Reviews

New Moon Reading
Moonology cards by Yasmin Boland

Oceanic Tarot Cards
Ocean themed Tarot cards by Jayne Wallace

Oracle of Visions Cards
Victorian imagery cards by Ciro Marchetti.

Souls Journey Cards
Soul messages by psychic James van Praagh

Super Attractor Cards 
Law of attraction deck by Gabrielle Bernstein

Healing Angel Cards 
Messages from the angels deck by Toni Carmine Salerno

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Guardian Angel Reading
Powerful reading using Guardian Angel Tarot by Doreen Virtue

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Discover the meaning of angel numbers

Oracle Card Readings

Will I Move House?
Find out what the cards have to say …

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Personality Test Who Am I?
What your choice of cup says about you!

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